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Discount Vacation Packages and Cruise Vacations

If you like to travel but want to skip the fuss of planning a complex trip, our discount vacation packages present an economical and convenient way to go. If you want your travel even easier, our discount cruise vacations offer an ideal all-in-one vacation choice.

Whatever you may be looking for... whether an all-inclusive package or a la carte vacation package deals... our vacation packages site offers a great many options and discount vacation choices, letting you easily tailor a trip to your own preferences and needs.

Vacation Packages

Discount travel or vacation packages allow you to buy the essential components of your trip (airfare, ground transportation, hotel, and travel activities) together in one flexible package. The "one-stop shop" booking process helps you to select components and options, and to compare important features and prices as you go.

Vacation packages are often called "package tours," not to be confused with guided tours. The packagers or "tour operators" are essentially wholesalers who buy travel components in bulk and resell them to agents and the public. They may or may not also offer guided tours as an option in their packages.

Vacation Options: The most common discount vacation packages combine airfares and hotel accommodations. Other common combinations are airfare and car rental only, or hotel stay and car rentals without airline tickets.

Depending on what package type you choose, you also have options of airport-to-hotel ground transportation, car rentals, travel insurance, cancellation waivers, and sightseeing activities. All-inclusive vacations and specialty vacations are also available. Some vacation packages include great deals on show tickets, golf-tee time, and museum admissions.

Accommodations: When you book a travel package, you generally have a choice of hotel options. Typically, the hotels offered in packages are among the bigger and most reputable hotels available at your destination. Our site lets you compare a wide range of hotel specifications and ratings, to help you determine your own preferences before you book.

Vacation Destinations: Packages are available for major US and international tourist destinations. Resorts and big cities are the most common package destinations. Cruise vacations, of course, are limited to coastal areas.

Cost and Convenience: The combined prices of a vacation package can be cheaper than the travel components if purchased separately, but, for the package buyer, price is not the only factor. Service and convenience play a big part in package vacations. It's up to the consumer to make price comparisons among different types of offerings.

Booking: Our discount vacations site makes it easy to compare travel packages and tailor them to your own preferences before you buy. You can search and book reservations directly, or you can browse top vacation destinations. The site provides interactive maps, panoramic photos, virtual tours, and videos to help you plan your trip.

If you're looking for specialty vacation ideas, we have everything from family and group vacations... even Disney resort packages... to romance, luxury, sports, and adventure destinations.

If you're on a budget, check out our discount vacation deals for our current specials and last-minute getaways.

Hotels and Resorts: We also offer hotel and resort packages from over twenty leading companies.

Having such a choice on one site makes price and feature comparisons easy. When packages don't include airline tickets, be sure to check Airline's own discount airfares for best prices.

Search and compare vacation packages... and book online now!

Discount Cruises

Cruises currently available by telephone only.
Discount cruise vacations let you travel at a leisurely pace while enjoying the comforts of a luxury hotel. If you think about it, traveling in a cruise ship is almost like traveling in a vacation resort.

Cruise vacations are usually much simpler to plan, and much more relaxing, than traveling over land. For many, cruises are the ultimate travel experience. Cruises are ideal for family vacations, for romantic getaways, and for second honeymoons.

Land, Air, or Sea?: Because accommodations, meals, entertainment, recreation, and gratuities are generally included in your cruise price, vacation cruises can be less expensive than air-and-land based vacation packages... and they're much easier to budget and plan.

The cruise experience differs from the traditional vacation experience in one important aspect. On a cruise, you spend much of your time on your ship. While your ship offers a huge variety of activity, your itinerary is locked in to the ship's schedule. Ports of call and the time spent in each port depend on the particular cruise.

On a cruise, you can lounge in the sun, exercise in the ship's spa or on deck, dine or party on shipboard, or relax with a good book... and along the way visit fascinating ports of call. Some coastal scenery can be seen only from the deck of a ship. And nothing can match a cruise for comfort or convenience.

But if you prefer to spend lots of time in one destination and sightsee at your own pace, a traditional vacation package with more flexible options may be want you want.

How long are cruises?: You can find cruise vacations of any length, from 1-2 days to over two weeks. When you book, enter your preferred trip duration and you'll generally find a cruise that will accommodate you.

Selecting a Cabin: Cabins are built for two or more people, and most cruise fares assume at least double occupancy. It's possible to book single occupancy, but you'll generally be paying as much as for two people. Children 12 and under get a lower rate.

Cabin choice can depend on when and where you're traveling. While you may want a balcony in the tropics, you may not want to pay the extra price if you're traveling in colder climates. The most quiet cabin locations at night are generally away from stairways and elevators.

If you're prone to sea sickness, look for an outside cabin more towards the middle of the ship, away from the bow and stern. Large modern ships are generally extremely stable, but in heavy seas you may feel discomfort until you get your sea legs.

The earlier you book, the more likely you are to find the cabin you're looking for.

Booking: Currently, we offer our discount cruises by telephone only. We offer a great many discount cruises to the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and Hawaii, as well as discount Alaska cruises, and cruise vacations to Canada and New England.

Our cruises feature casual and gourmet dining with a choice of dining times; special menus for the kids; spas and multiple pool areas; activities for adults and children of all ages; luxurious beds for your sleeping comfort; and shows, nightclubs, and exciting casinos if you're restless and want to have fun.

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