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You can use this for purchases of all of Southwest's fare types, Wanna Get Away (lowest fare), Anytime (refundable) and Business Select (refundable, A1-15 boarding). Naturally then the bigger savings applies to the higher fares.

This discount works for both paid travel and for award travel. Since there are no change fees, you can use the sale to rebook any existing tickets you've purchased for travel during the promotion period. Check the fares Southwest is charging with the sale, then consider cancelling the tickets you've already purchased and using those tickets as a credit towards rebooking (retaining the difference in fare for buying travel in the future).

With planes generally full and fares beginning to rise I'm a little surprised to see such a great deal, but the travel window helps understand why this makes sense both for customers and for the airline. After Labor Day leisure travel is expected to begin to dry up.

This is the period of time when airlines may be seeing a real dip in traffic, before it comes back for the holidays.

Southwest Airlines was incorporated as Air Southwest Company by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher. King and Kelleher, together with banker John Parker, are said to have sketched out the idea for the airline on a napkin in a San Antonio restaurant. That's probably apocryphal.

The carrier spent four years tied up in court trying to get off the ground, with Kelleher eventually prevailing. They based at Dallas Love Field, which incumbent airlines had agreed to abandon for Dallas Fort-Worth. However Southwest Airlines hadn't existed and therefore wasn't a party to that agreement. Flying solely within the State of Texas they weren't subject to Civil Aeronautics Board route and pricing regulations either and were allowed to discount.

Southwest would fly short hops between Texas cities, eventually pioneering the 10 minute turn when they had to give back one of their Boeing 737 aircraft due to financial difficulties yet wanted to maintain their existing schedule.

In 1976, two years before airline deregulation, the Civil Aeronautics Board was ‘experimenting with price competition' and approved Frank Lorenzo's Texas International Airlines to undercut Southwest's intra-Texas pricing with "Peanuts Fares" since they let you fly for peanuts.

Southwest responded with a two tiered pricing structure, one fare matching Texas International's $13 fares and one more expensive $26 fare (for business travelers whose employers were paying) that came with a free bottle of liquor. The airline became the biggest liquor distributor in the state of Texas. They served free alcohol on board until 1988.

The airline's flight attendants wore pink hot pants (designed by founding airline President Lamar Muse's first wife). Automated ticket machines were called "Quickies." Today the airline's New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol remains LUV.

Herb Kelleher, with his love of Wild Turkey and his back slapping ways, engendered a culture of fun. And the airline's origin story, fighting against the odds against bigger airlines, created a sense of purpose. Now Southwest Airlines is the largest carrier of domestic passengers in the U.S. but that culture largely survives.

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Here is legendary American Airlines CEO Bob Crandall offering a tribute to Kelleher in song, after the Southwest Airlines co-founder retired and was being honored by the Wings Club for distinguished achievement.

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Here's the crazy story of how Southwest became an all-Bpeing 737 airline even though their first big investor, who was very religious, wanted them to fly Boeing 707s with skylights so passengers could look up towards the heavens.

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