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Flights to Paris

Have you purchased flights to Paris yet? If you are considering a trip to the city of love, look no further for valuable trip information. Below you will find out more about the local airports, things to do while visiting Paris, and some background information about the region.

Paris Airport Information

Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)

- This airport is also known as the Roissy Airport and it is the largest international airport in France. It handles around 1318 planes on a daily basis, making it the world’s tenth busiest airport. Nonstop flights to Charles de Gaulle Airport include:

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- New York City - 7 hours 5 min
- Los Angeles - 10 hours 30 min
- Miami - 9 hours
- Seattle - 9 hours 55 min
- Chicago - 8 hours 10 min

Orly Airport (ORY))

- Located just 13km south of Pairs, Orly Airport is the city’s second international airport. 628 flights land and depart from this airport on a daily basis but many are to Europe and it has fewer flights to the United States than CDG. Flights to Orly Airport include:

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- New York City - 7 hours 35 min
- Los Angeles - 14 hours 10 min (1 stop)
- Miami - 12 hours 40 min (1 stop)
- Seattle - 14 hours 50 min (1 stop)
- Chicago - 10 hours 50 min (1 stop)

Paris-Beauvais-Tillé Airport (BVA)

- Despite its name, this airport is 53km north-northwest of the city. It serves budget airlines that mostly travel within Europe. An average of 86 flights come and go from this airport each day. While you won’t be able to fly into BVA from the United States, it can be a great way to continue your travel if you plan to visit other areas of France or Europe during your trip.

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Once one of your flights to Paris have landed, you will find yourself surrounded by fashion, art, delicious food, and beautiful architecture. One of the most famous landmarks to visit is the Eiffel Tower, which stands just over 1,000 feet tall and has restaurants and shops within it. Other architectural interests include the Arc de Triomphe and Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. Another popular attraction is the Louvre museum, which may require several visits as it is the largest art museum in the world. If you prefer to spend more time outside, look into visiting one of the famous gardens around Paris, such as the Tuileries Garden or Luxembourg Gardens.

Information About Paris

Paris, the capital of France, is located in the northern central part of the country, along the Seine River. The 2019 population of the city is estimated to be around 12,213,400 people. It is currently considered the most expensive city within the EU.

The city began in the 3rd century BC when the Celts inhabited the area, which thanks to the Seine River, had a good waterway for trading. Julius Caesar in 52 BC and then in the 5th century it was taken over by the Franks. The city prospered during the middle ages but The Hundred Years’ War broke out in the 14th century against Norman England. Joan of Arc is famous for efforts during The Hundred Years’ War, which helped lead to the English defeat. Other conflicts that have taken place in the region since include religious battles between the French Huguenots and the Catholics, the French Revolution, World War I, and World War II.

While in Paris, in addition to taking in the history, you can spend time walking the streets to look at the iconic architecture, shopping in high-fashion boutiques, and eating delicious food. Other areas close to Paris that are worth visits include:

- Versailles - This city is a mere 30 minutes from Paris and is home to the Palace of Versailles. It was formerly the royal residence and was where the peace treaty for WWI was signed, but now the 700-room complex and gardens remain open as a museum.
- Omaha Beach - If you booked flights to Paris so that you could take in history, then traveling the three hours and 30 minutes to Omaha Beach should be part of your itinerary. This is the beach where the Normandy D-Day invasions took place.
- Giverny - This village is where several famous impressionist painters spent their time, including Monet and Renoir. Walking around you will see several scenes that their paintings depicted.

Once you book flights to Paris, you are sure to enjoy a spectacular trip!


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