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Flights to London

If you are looking at flights to London, our guide will help you gather information for your upcoming trip. Below we have included information about the major airports, top tourists spots, and a bit of background information on the region.

London Airport Information

Heathrow International Airport (LHR)

- London Heathrow is the seventh busiest airport in the world when it comes to total passenger traffic. In 2018 it has 480,339 aircraft movements, which equates to about 1316 landings and takeoffs per day. Nonstop flights to London Heathrow include:

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- New York City - 7 hours
- Los Angeles - 10 hours 30 min
- Miami - 8 hours 40 min
- Seattle - 9 hours 20 min
- Chicago - 7 hours 45 min

Gatwick Airport (LGW)

- London’s Gatwick Airport operates as a single-runway airport, but it still remains one of the busier airports in the city with an average of 778 planes taking off or landing daily. Nonstop flights to major U.S. cities include:

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- New York City - 7 hours
- Los Angeles - 10 hours 20 min
- Miami - 8 hours 20 min
- Seattle - 9 hours 15 min
- Chicago - 7 hours 45 min

London Stansted Airport (STN)

- This airport is located northeast of the city center, but it boasts a railway station just beneath the main concourse, which has a line that goes directly into London. There are an average of 521 planes either taking off or landing on any given day here. Flights to London Stansted Airport include:

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- New York City - 13 hours (with stops)
- Los Angeles - 16 hours 10 min (with stops)
- Miami - 15 hours 15 min (with stops)
- Seattle - 15 hours 20 min (with stops)
- Chicago - 16 hours (with stops)

After one of your flights to London, as with many major cities, you will have nearly endless options for how to enjoy your time. Some iconic places to visit include Big Ben, which is located at the Palace of Westminster, or Buckingham Palace, where the royals live. If you are traveling with children you may be inclined to see the SEALIFE London aquarium or the science museum. If you don’t mind heights, book a ticket for the London Eye, a ferris wheel with observation pods that will give you great views of the city from 443 feet up in the air.

Facts about London

London is not only the largest city in the United Kingdom, but it is also the capital city of England. Over nine million people reside within the 611 square miles that make up Greater London. A greenbelt surrounds the region and prevents further outward growth. Both the City of London and City of Westminster are located within Greater London. The city was founded by the Romans, who had a walled settlement along the Thames River. In the fifth century, there were several Anglo-Saxon attacks and during the ninth century the region saw Viking attacks. The King of England was established by the Normans in 1067. To this day, the United Kingdom remains a constitutional monarchy, meaning there is the royal family but also a parliament that makes and passes legislation. Over the years, London has produced numerous famous people including but not limited to:

- Michael Faraday (1791-1867) Scientist
- Geoffrey Chaucer (c1340-1400) Writer
- John Milton (1608-1674) Writer
- Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) Writer
- Alan Turing (1912-54) Mathematician
- Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) Film Director

Now, London is a global metropolitan that is known for its history, culture, financial institutions, and sports teams. The city boasts four UNESCO World Heritage sites: The Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey including Saint Margaret's Church, Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, Tower of London, and Maritime Greenwich. There are over 240 galleries and museums throughout the city and over 40 free festivals that occur over the calendar year. However, not everyone who books flights to London is going for tourist reasons. It is also competitive with New York City when it comes to banking and insurance business. When it comes to sporting events, London is home to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and has been the host city for the Summer Olympic Games on three separate occasions. Whatever your reason for buying a ticket to London, we hope you enjoy your trip!


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