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Why Penang is an ideal place for the History lovers?

Penang is the ideal destination for the history lovers. This article shares some of the best historical spots in Penang, which you should never miss out!

Still on the lookout for interesting historical places in Penang? Then you are blessed as this diverse land caters to numerous historical attractions. Along with its breathtaking natural beauty, the rich history of this island attracts numerous tourists across the globe. The wonderful heritage sites are not only eye-soothing but you can also have an unparalleled opportunity to learn about its glorious past. Moreover, most of the historical buildings of Penang are still existing in their original form.

Before you step into this land of heritage, contact the MM2H sponsors to apply for MM2H visa. They are reliable, experienced and friendly people who will take care of all the requirements and within the deadline, your visa will be approved. If you are already an MM2H member, renew the visa if it’s 10-years old.

In spite of having a long to-do list in Penang, some of the noteworthy places are mentioned here which feature both the multicultural and historical significance.

Let’s take a look.

Heritage Temples:-

Undoubtedly, Heritage temples in Penang are considered as one of the most significant historical places. The temple of Kuan Yin, Chinese Goddess of Mercy, which was built in 1728, is considered as the oldest temple in Penang. Major religious occasions of Penang are held in this beautiful temple.

Sri Mariamman Temple (Dedicated to the Hindu God, Lord Subramaniam) is the second one in the list which you can never miss out. This beautiful heritage temple, built in 1833, is located in the district of Little India, Georgetown. The Snake Temple, built to honor Chor Soo Kong, is another popular temple in Penang. The local legends say that the monk provided shelter to the snakes (venomous green tree snakes and Wagler’s pit vipers) in the temple and these snakes are believed to be the disciples of the priest.

Fort Cornwallis:-

This is the existing largest fort in Malaysia, located on the north-east coast of Penang. Built in 1820, Fort Cornwallis is regarded as one of the oldest constructions in Penang. Apart from the educational exhibits here, the bronze statue of Captain Francis Light is quite amazing in the main entrance of the fort. This fort showcases the original Flagstaff, a harbor light, ammunition storage areas, barracks as well as prison ships.

Penang Museum & Art Gallery:-

This is one of the most impressive museums in Malaysia built in 1821. You can witness a huge collection of state and national treasures, including costumes, furniture, jewelry as well as the oil paintings of Captain Robert Smith. Both the temporary and permanent exhibits are available here. However, the permanent exhibit is meant for the historical communities in Penang.

St. George’s Church:-

When you are visiting the Penang Museum & Art Gallery, don’t miss out on the St. George’s Church, the oldest Anglican Church in Asia, which was built by employing the convicts in 1817.

Queen Victoria Clock Tower:-

This is a highly significant place of interest in George Town, Penang symbolizing the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. This 60 feet high clock tower was established by a local millionaire in 1897 for rendering the 60-year reign of the Queen.

These above-mentioned places are not the only historical attractions in Penang, there are many. If you are willing to explore the history of this island, Penang offers you the facility to stay as long as you wish with all sorts of modern amenities. So, contact the MM2H sponsors today for a hassle free MM2H visa.

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