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The Best Times to Buy Airfare

There's just something about getting on a plane heading somewhere, anywhere other than where you're at. If you've gotten bit by the travel bug, then you're aware of the exhilaration that accompanies a flight as well. But no matter the love for traveling, there are always those small stressors. And one of those stressors is the constant price fluctuations of airfare. When is the right time to purchase airfare? And is there a wrong time? Well, this article will give a little insight into when the best time to purchase airfare is.

Buy on the Off-Season

By purchasing airfare during the off season, you avoid all the extra costs that come with the price of going during peak season. Peak season would be during holiday season, or when the weather is the nicest for your destination. Airfare normally skyrockets during this time. Deciding to go when the weather is transitioning, or when the tourism isn't that high, could save you a lot more than you realize.

A perfect example of this when summer is ending. If you're looking to travel, your best bet is to start looking at flights. So many people are finishing up their summer vacations and getting their families ready to head back to school, that they aren't traveling, so they aren't flying. Flight airfare goes down, which is perfect for those who have an extended summer vacation, or have the ability to take vacation anytime of the year. So, buying off-season is a good idea when looking at the airfare.

Fly on a Weekday

If you have a little flexibility with your schedule, then opt for flying out on a weekday instead of on the weekend. Airfares are cheaper since there is less competition for the seats. The more competition, the higher the price for the seat. For so many people that work Monday through Friday, flying out on the weekend is just more convenient. Although, this means the airfare prices increase substantially. This is something to consider when looking for airfare.

Book One to Three Months in Advance

It's said that there's a sweet spot when it comes to booking flights. And to get the best price, or at least try too, that sweet spot is one to three months in advance of your trip. This isn't always the case, so making sure to check back on flights prior to your trip is a good idea. Which brings me to my final tip on when to get the best airfare.

Do Your Research

The best way to get a good deal on the airfare for your next trip is to do your research. Look up prices and articles to get an estimate of how much you should pay for a plane ticket. Another idea, would be to talk to someone who has traveled to where you're heading. See how much they paid for their flight, and compare to the prices you're seeing online. By doing research, you'll be able to find the best time to purchase airfare.

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