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Six Countries You Can Fly To And Stay For Very Cheap

Looking to get away this holiday season? You can travel without spending too much, and you can do so by keeping your eyes peeled for a great deal on flying to any destination in the world.

There is a list of countries that you can fly to for cheap, with the help of discount airfare, so while a trip to France or Australia may be out of your financial reach, maybe one of these countries may interest you.

1. Guatemala

While Nicaragua and Costa Rica are more reputable for their sanitation and security, Guatemala is a country that has just as great of sights to see. The Mayan temples of Tikal are located in the northern jungles, and are a real wonder to behold when the sun rises. You can explore Semuc Champey with candlelight, a breathtaking river cave. And calm and tranquil volcanoes and villages surround Lake Atitlan, so this is a good place to be if you do not want to be in crowds of other tourists. Many travelers who stay at Guatemala end up spending under $30 per day.

2. Morocco

If you are looking for a peaceful desert with no skyscrapers in sight, Morocco may be the destination that you are looking for. This is one of Africa's more successful countries and is only within an arm's reach of Europe. So long as you don't succumb to the expensive rug salesmen who will try to pester you, this would be a marvelous vacation for a small budget. You can go on camel treks in the Sahara or enjoy more serene environments such as the Le Jardin Secret garden or the Bahia Palace.

3. South Africa

Even while South Africa has a great economy, it can still provide you with a huge value in savings for what you can do during your stay. How about go on a canopy tour, take a scuba diving expedition with sharks, ride on an ostrich, or just take a relaxing safari tour. It wouldn't be an African vacation without a safari, after all! You could quite possibly spot an elusive white rhino at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi.

4. Thailand

Thailand is a very popular place for tourists to travel, but despite this, it is still one of the cheapest places to travel from around the world. Thailand, especially in the Chiang Kai region is an ideal place for backpacking, as the region has several fantastic markets, shops, restaurants, mountains and villages to explore. As long as you avoid Thailand's commercialized tourist attractions in favor of something more unexpected and adventurous, you can save a lot of money during your trip.

5. Hungary

If you are looking for a place to go in Europe, Hungary's capital city, Budapest is a marvel for any tourist. You would be surprised that discount airfare could lead you to plenty of options for food, rest, and relaxation. To enjoy the taste of authentic Hungarian delectables, including chocolate cakes and pastries, there are bakeries located all around town. You can enjoy a delicious meal, beer, and a room for under $20 per day.

6. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is often overlooked as a holiday destination, but it has a lot to offer travelers that want a budget vacation and want to learn a lot about the country that they travel to. A lot of wholesome towns and villages are scattered about the region, including the historical town of Plovdiv and the coastal town of Varna. You can scale Bulgaria's vast mountain ranges on foot or on bicycle, or take a walk along Bulgaria's exotic Black Sea Coast.

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