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Getting Your Skis to Your Resort Safely and Seamlessly

You can do much to ease the stress of getting skis to resort from Geneva airport. Pack well and book a Geneva airport ski transfer for starters.

If you are a keen skier, you will appreciate the importance of taking good care of your kit. Ski equipment is not cheap but if well looked after it will keep for years. Most of the time it is up to the individual to take responsibility for the upkeep and protection of their kit but when it comes to transporting your treasured skis, boots and helmet out to the slopes of Switzerland, so that you can enjoy your annual ski holiday, you have to hand them over at the airport and rely on someone else to take charge.

How To Do Your Bit

Most airlines that serve airports close to ski resorts, such as Geneva International are familiar with transporting equipment. Geneva is one of the most well used airports for ski travellers in Europe, and its staff is well trained in dealing with ski equipment. If you have any doubts though, check with your airline that facilities are in place. This also goes for your transfer to resort, although most companies that offer Geneva airport ski transfers are managed by experts and their drivers are well versed in packing, transporting and taking care of bulky equipment.

Packing Your Kit

Travel bags for ski equipment is big business and many major sports brands have produced innovative and technically durable designs that make transporting kit as safe as possible. When choosing your bag, make sure you select one with good padding. While the local drivers hired to provide Geneva airport ski transfers are used to handling equipment, baggage handlers can sometimes be a little less careful. More padding means less chance of damage.

Be aware that the bulkier the bag, the more chance you have for potential problems with fitting it onto standard ski racks or into luggage compartments. This is only really an issue if you are driving yourself to and from resort in a hire car from Geneva airport. Ski transfers to the resort, as long as they are booked with reputable companies, will provide vans with ample space for kit.

Wheels are a good option when considering buying a bag, as they make moving the bag much easier, especially if you are not very tall. Some bags are designed to hold two pairs of skis, which is an added bonus. Compression straps, both inside and outside the bag are another useful feature and if you really want to maximise space in your luggage, choose a bag that also accommodates your boots and tools.

Once you and your skis have landed then you will need to get from Geneva to your chosen ski resort, and the most stress free transport option would be to use one of the companies offering efficient and reliable Geneva airport ski transfers. You can then rely on the professional handling of your kit and, as long as you have packed everything well enough, your skis should reach the resort in as good a condition as when they left home.

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