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5 Helpful Tips When Buying Airline Tickets

There is a surplus of online resources at your disposal you can use to browse different websites and compare airline ticket prices. If you are not careful, international plane tickets can cost you thousands of dollars, but it is fairly easy to get a deal for a fraction of that price. Here are several things you need to do to get the best deal on domestic or international air fares.

Plan your flight in advance

Give yourself enough time to prepare for a trip, preferably 90 to 150 days beforehand. Once you have decided to fly somewhere soon, such as Barcelona, be sure that you sign up for newsletters so you can be notified on lowly priced deals on tickets to your destination. Certain websites will let you know via email about special deals on international ticketing from your area to Barcelona.

Use search engines to help seek out great deals

Airline ticketing websites will not pick up on every airline that is out there, so it is also a good idea to look for deals on plane tickets on your own as well. Sure, you may need to invest more time to look in more places, but there are rates you would be surprised to find that a periodical website might not be able to find for you.

Sign up for the airline's own website

An airline's own websites can also have great deals on airline tickets, in addition to discounts and other bonuses for exclusively buying from them. If you have flown with an airline several times in the past, you may be eligible for rewards, free miles, or other loyalty gifts for continued business with them.

Put together overall ticket pricing

There are other tips to consider when saving money on the cost of plane tickets. For one, you can opt to buy two one-way tickets from two different ticket vendors, instead of buying a round trip ticket from one ticket vendor.

Be sure to also set your departure time at one of the most unpopular times of day. It is going to cost more money flying in the morning, opposed to late at night, due to the nature of most tourists desiring to depart early in the morning.

Consider purchasing international ticketing to get back home at an online vendor of the country you are going to visit. There is a chance that you can save more by purchasing tickets from vendors that aren't from the US. For instance, if you are from Houston, and you want to plan a trip to Tokyo, be sure to look for tickets from Japanese airlines for flights from Tokyo to Houston. Keep this in mind when looking for one-way tickets.

After buying your tickets, do not unsubscribe from those newsletters just yet.

Even if you think that you have a great deal on airline tickets, there might come an opportunity to save even more money between now and the day that you board your flight. If you do manage to find a cheaper deal, you can ask for a refund on your original ticket purchase, and pay the lower price.

Be sure that you do not book flights at the last minute, as they can be the most expensive times to purchase domestic or international plane tickets. Also, be aware of the worst days of the week to fly. The most expensive days are Fridays and Sundays, due to the consumer's habits of starting their vacation on Saturdays and Mondays, respectively. The best days of the week to depart vary from vendor to vendor.

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