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Lime hosts scooter safety seminar in San Diego |

SAN DIEGO - Dockless scooters have been a controversial mode of transportation in San Diego for some time. But on Friday, Lime – one of several popular scooter companies – held a first-of-its-kind safety event to help people learn how to use the scooters and keep riders safe.  

The event at Lime's warehouse at South Shores Park focused on several areas of safety including parking scooters legally and being constantly aware of surroundings while riding. They also reminded riders of what not to do while scooting including not drinking and riding or texting and riding.  

"Most injuries actually happen on the first ride, so we want to make sure people are equipped with what they need to know," said Lime general manager Kimia Talebian. 

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The company wants riders equipped - not only with a helmet - but with critical knowledge to navigate the streets of San Diego. 

"We want to make sure you get off on the right foot," Talebian said.  

At the event, speakers also reviewed where riders can legally scoot. 

"Sidewalks are for walkers. Bike lanes are for using bikes and scooters," said one Lime safety instructor.  

They also told riders that speeds are limited to eight miles an hour in areas like the Pacific Beach boardwalk – something they can control using geo-fencing technology. 

"When you get into that zone, our technology will slow you down. And you will already be going eight miles an hour," an instructor said.  

The safety seminar was held the same week that city leaders announced they're looking to revoke Lime's permit to operate here in San Diego. 

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The city claims Lime violated its geo-fencing rules three times in recent months. Although a Lime spokesman has said those issues were resolved, and Lime is in compliance. 

North Park resident Basil Mournian was an early adopter of micro-mobility wanting to reduce his carbon footprint. He said he took Friday's safety course as a refresher. 

"It's efficient, it's fun and it doesn't cost a whole lost either," Mournian said.  

And he says, playing it safe is invaluable.  

"If you can get it here, it should be pretty easy on the beach - only with better scenery," an instructor told riders.

Lime says it plans to have more safety events in the weeks to come. And even though under California law now, helmets are not required to ride an electric scooter, Lime says it will continue to distribute helmets for free at these events, as an added safety measure. 

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