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Flights to New York

Flights to New York are often easy to purchase because of its major airports. For large corporations it is a convenient location to hold meetings because employees can fly in directly from overseas. For vacations there is no shortage of activities. The guide below provides some basic information about the state's three largest airports and activities to do once you have arrived.

New York Airport Information

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

- In 2017 John F. Kennedy International Airport handled an average of 1223 flights per day. Some of the non-stop flights arriving to New York City include:

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- Miami - 3 hours 5 min
- Los Angeles - 5 hours 30 min
- Seattle - 5 hours 25 min
- Chicago - 2 hours 15 min

If your final destination is New York City than there is Central Park, Times Square, the Staten Island Ferry, the Brooklyn Bridge, and more. At night you can catch a show on Broadway. However, if you are just on a layover after one of your flights to New York and need to stay close to the airport you can enjoy nature by visiting the Queens Botanical Gardens or the nearby Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

- On average there are 1017 flights in and out of LaGuardia Airport each day. Travel time to LaGuardia is as follows:

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- Miami - 3 hours 5 min
- Los Angeles - 7+ hours (no non-stop flights available)
- Seattle - 7+ hours (no non-stop flights available)
- Chicago - 2 hours 10 min

LaGuardia Airport, like JFK International Airport, is located in Queens. It is a smaller airport that only handles domestic flights to New York but it is the closest to the city out of all three nearby airports, which makes it appealing to those who aren't renting a car.

Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF)

- Each day there are an average of 100 flights to and from Buffalo. It is harder to find non-stop flights from major U.S. cities because several stop in JFK International Airport first. Flight times to the following destinations are:

Search Flights to Buffalo, NY

- Miami - 4 hours 30 min+ (no non-stop flights available)
- Los Angeles - 4 hours 50 min
- Seattle - 6+ hours (no non-stop flights available)
- Chicago - 2 hours

Probably one of the biggest attractions in Buffalo is Niagara Falls, which are three waterfalls that are famously right on the border between Canada and the United States. After visiting Niagara Falls State Park we recommend you walk through the Buffalo Zoo and see the The Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

Facts about New York

Say New York and people often think of New York City. However, New York boasts much more than the city itself. It was one of the thirteen colonies and with 19,849,399 residents it has the fourth largest population of any state. The capital is Albany, which is located almost 150 miles directly north of New York City, has a population of one hundred thousand. The following three cities are the most populated areas in the state.

- New York City has a population of over eight and a half million. It is divided into five boroughs, which are often referred to separately. They are Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx. With a focus on the arts and entertainment industry, many famous comedians and actors get their start in New York City. With 722 miles of subway track within the city and a plethora of taxis you mostly likely do not need to rent a car on your visit.
- Buffalo is the second largest city with a population that just surpasses one million. It sits along Lake Erie and borders Canada. Because of the lake effect Buffalo is known for getting some heavy snowfalls, which the city is well-equipped to handle. It used to be an industrial town during the early 1900s but now the city is known for it medical facilities.
- Rochester is the third largest city. It trails just behind Buffalo but also has a population of just over one million. Many major companies such as Kodak and Xerox have gotten their start out of Rochester. It is considered a very livable city for families and it is also home to the well-respected University of Rochester for those seeking higher education.

When buying flights to New York, regardless of which airport you fly into and what region of New York you plan to visit you are sure to get a mix of culture, history, and art.




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