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What additional services do movers offer?

If you decided to move, then it's the right time to look for a moving comapny. But ensure that you get the whole package of services to save your time, money, and nerves on a relocaiton. This article is dedicated to the additional services that a moving comapny has to offer.

Very often when people think of a moving company, they imagine bulky men who carry their belongings to the truck and drive them to the destination point. But that’s pretty much it in terms of services that pop up in people’s heads when they think about movers. Of course, movers develop and grow their business and industry every day to ensure that you can relocate as comfortable as possible. As a result they add new services every year to please their customers. Below you can learn about some of the most common additional services that New York movers tend to offer.

 Packing and unpacking

This is one of the most common additional services that customers of moving companies go for. Of course, you can pack everything yourself and at the same time cherish the old memories. But can you be 100% sure that nothing will break in the process of moving because you packed the things in the wrong way? Is there any guarantee that you’ll get the precious items safe and sound? Well, if you’re doing the packing, then you’ve got no guarantees. However, if the moving company is paid for the packing, then it will provide you with a warrant for this services and will reimburse any broken items should any of them happen to take place.

Disassembly and reassembly of furniture

If you are a young woman moving to a new place, then moving all home furniture on your own may be a problem even for a man. So instead of sweating and disassembling all furniture pieces yourself, you can simply pay to the moving services to do this job for you. Professionals will ensure that no parts go missing in the relocation and that the furniture can be assembled again properly at your new place. Statistics says that this kind of service can help you save around 10 hours of your life. Think of it!

Handling of bulky items

Yes, carrying bulky and heavy items like furniture pieces, heavy boxes and especially home appliances can be not only tiresome, but dangerous for both you and the belongings. You risk getting serious back pains, pulling muscles and even breaking your limbs, while the items you’re carrying can get simply destroyed! If you do care about your things, don’t let them destroy your health and break the things. Leave this piece of work to the experts.

Appliance servicing

That service frequently goes together with furniture assembling and disassembling. If you’re not completely sure or knowledgeable about connecting your refrigerator or washing machine to the electric and water supplies, let this be done by professionals from the beginning. Furthermore, if you get these two services together, you frequently can expect to get some discount on the total payment. Unfortunately, not all movers offer appliance servicing, yet you can visit to find the company that will fulfill all your requirements.

Storage service

Very often people can’t set up the new place right away because they need to live there for some time to understand what goes where. If you are one of them, then you understand that there are a lot of things that don’t have a place yet. In order not to make them collect dust and occupy space in your new home, you can ask a mover to store them at their storage facility until you decide what to do with them further.


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