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Travel Advice for Indian Couples planning a Trip

  Travel Advice for Indian Couples planning a Trip
Travel Articles | July 28, 2019

The Indian couples, especially the ones committed before tying the knot, are the most enthusiastic ones to travel around the country and the world. They want to spend the maximum time together, as muc...

The Indian couples, especially the ones committed before tying the knot, are the most enthusiastic ones to travel around the country and the world. They want to spend the maximum time together, as much as their circumstances permit. And who would not want to travel around a country as gorgeous as India? However, when you have to spend the entire 24 hours together on vacation for several days, not everything seems romantic and rosy. You have to be careful about a few things to make your time with your partner the best moments you had in your life. With the change in climate, your body may sometimes react unexpectedly. Along with that, you have to deal with your mood swings so that it doesn’t affect your partner’s frame of mind. Even before you begin your trip, you should plan out a few things and be prepared for the best and the worst.

Choosing the destination

Either of you might have visited the tourist destinations that you discuss, but you may still be interested in going there again. Talk about a few places that attract both of you; even if you cannot settle on any one destination, you can carry on the discussion later. After making a list of a few places, you would arrive at a decision for sure. Make sure that each of you happily agrees to the place; there is no point pushing each other to visit an unwanted destination.

Things to do and budget

Go through the list of things to do and places to visit at the destination you plan to go. If the list of activities attracts both of you, you can finalize it. Although most Indian men like to spend for their girlfriend and wife, you can still share the expenses if you have suitable terms with your partner. A few hundred bucks here and there do not matter; you do not have to keep track of each penny. However, you need to discuss the money matters beforehand. It is not necessary that the male partner is comfortable in funding the entire trip for two people. The couple can share the expenses of the vacation so that none of the partner feels too tight on monthly expenses after the trip is over.

If one of you earns less than the other, you can share the expenses proportionately. If the higher-earning person wants to spend more on hotels, activities, food, etc., he/she should cover the remaining balance without complaining or fight about it later.

Try new things

Just because you haven't tried anything does not mean it is stupid. You are there at a new vacation spot, and you can be anything but boring for your partner. If you have planned your activities at home, it is good enough. Else, you must also volunteer for spontaneous activities that you find out on your trip.

Expectations from the vacation

Not necessarily you would find yourself in the same temperament as you planned at home. You might have thought of sitting on the river bank and enjoying your beer the entire night, but you may want to indulge in adventurous activities once you reach there. Understand each other’s preferences and moods and cooperate accordingly.

Mode of transport

Chew over the best mode of transport to travel to your chosen destination and talk about it if both of you are comfortable traveling by it. Some people are not comfortable with traveling in an airplane, and the others feel sick while traveling in a train. Most people are good with sitting in a car for a road trip. You can think of hiring a Self-Drive Car Rental Mumbai or other cities to travel around the country comfortably as well as save money. However, do consider all factors concerning money, comfort, the speed of traveling while finalizing the mode of transport.

Personal space

Regardless of how much you are in love, it may become stressful for both of you to be in a constant company of each other. People often get tired of someone being around them, and that is the time when they should be left alone, even if it is for an hour or two. For instance, you may want to shop around the local markets, while your partner may not. Utilize this time to give space to your partner and have your space too.

Share your individual experiences

When you come back to your partner from the market or any activity, do not forget to share your experiences with them. Tell them how you went around the place, who you met, what you ate, what you bought, etc. and let them know if you missed them. However, do not complain to your partner for not accompanying you. You should leave it on your partner if they want to come with you or not. When you start forcing each other for things, it becomes draining for the other person to be with you.

Utilizing the time

Each of you may have a different body clock and hence wake up and sleep at different times. If you like to be an early bird, you can simply wake up early and make use of your time rather than waking up your partner deliberately and watch them get ready with drooling eyes. If you like to enjoy early mornings, you can simply get ready and do whatever you want. Read a book, go for a jog, make your hair, or cook for your partner; there are endless things you can do at this time. Having alone time in the morning also gives freshness to the mind, and you can also have your space without making efforts for it deliberately. When you understand the needs of your partner, you can use the opportunity to make better use of your time.

Trust each other

The biggest factor that creates trouble in a relationship is not having the trust factor. When you are in the constant company of each other, you may notice things that you did not know otherwise. Do not create an issue out of such things and enjoy the time when you meet someone new. Whether you meet new couples or single people, give your partner proper space to talk to them without inhibitions.

Avoid picky topics

Every couple has a few picky things that make them argue; try to stay away from such topics on your time out of your city. You have all the time in the world to discuss those fussy topics later. For instance, your partner may not like to talk about their past partners or family issues; simply stay away from such subjects and focus on having a romantic time together.

The best thing to do is to consider your partner as your best friend and keep your expectations low. You will never feel disappointed when your partner cannot fulfill your hopes. However, no matter what you do, accept the fact that you will end up arguing or fighting over something during your trip. It is better to resolve those issues amicably during your outing as soon as possible so that you do not ruin your time together. Keep it in mind that this is the precious time you have got with each other and you should utilize it to the full potential.

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