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Tour and Travel information on Mount Abu Rajasthan

Here is Tour and Travel information on Mount Abu, Rajasthan:- Mount About, The eternal picture of Rajasthan is one of hot, arid desert sands; of miles of barren land where nothing grows but thorny khejri or dry grass; of waterless wastes and parched earth.

Mount Abu, then, does not fit quite so well into the picture. In fact, depending upon how you look at it, this picturesque hill station, tucked away at an altitude of 1,200 mt in the Aravali Hills, sticks out like a sore thumb — or appears as an oasis in the desert. Cool and green, surrounded by deep woods, Mount Abu is Rajasthan's only 'authentic' hill station and a welcome relief for those who've had enough of the drier and hotter parts of the state.

Mount Abu, according to Hindu legend, was once the home of the sage Vashishta, who performed a yajna (a sacrificial rite) here to protect the Earth from demons. Also a part of Mount Abu's past-mythical or otherwise — are the many other sages and saints who are believed to have dwelt here; the Chauhan Rajputs, who made this verdant town their summer capital; and finally the British, who came here to escape the summer heat of the Rajputana plains.

Today, Mount Abu remains a popular and much-loved hillstation, especially with honeymooners who come here to watch the sun set beyond Anadra Point, to go boating on Nakki Lake or to walk hand-in-hand through the eucalyptus woods beyond the town. It attracts lovers of history and architecture, who come to gape in awestruck wonder at the exquisitely beautiful Dilwara Temples. And it attracts those who simply need a break from the low-lying desert of the rest of Rajasthan.

Getting around Mount Abu

Transport options in Mount Abu include unmetered taxis and rented jeeps- and your own two legs. The town's salubrious climate makes it a pleasure to walk through, and for those who like to go trekking, this is by far the best option. Less intrepid souls can hire a chauffeur-driven car or jeep from a travel agent in town, or opt for one of the special sightseeing coach tours conducted by the RTDC. Ponies are available for rides up to Sunset Point and Anadra Point.

Accommodation in Mount Abu

Mount Abu's popularity as a travel destination means there are plenty of places to choose from when it comes to tourist accommodation. The town has a large number of hotels, inns and guesthouses, with facilities (and consequently, tariffs) ranging from budget to luxury, and almost everything in between. Hill resorts and fancy heritage hotels occupy the upper rung, with tariffs for double rooms hovering between Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 per night (or more); privately-owned guesthouses and RTDC-run hotels offer more economical options.

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