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survey of hostel dwelling men

The researchers, both women psychiatrists (Dr. S. D. and B.) made preliminary visits to acquaint themselves with the inn and its routine. All residents received initial written information about the proposed survey. The inn has been visited weekly to register new residents, and approach potential participants interviews. A semi-structured interview Incorpo rated social, demographic and psychiatric. self-reported data included sociodemographic Psychiatric Bulletin 618 (1997). 21. 618-621 original articles background, perceived health problems and views and preferences for housing

the survey:

normative measures were diagnoses of DSM-III-R (American Psychiatric Association, 1987), the Global Assessment Scale (SAP; Endicott et al 1976). and CAGE Questionnaire (Mayfield and cd, 1974). CAGE the case was carried out with a positive response. Twenty-seven direct access Residents are gone before they can be addressed, six refused an interview. The results are based 40 interviews were conducted over a period of 26 weeks and between 45-90 minutes. Not all women respondents were willing to answer any questions. When a response was given to a question, it was included in the analysis.

Data were analyzed using "Diagnostic SMI "as an independent variable; SMI was defined as a diagnosis of DSM-III-R schizophrenic nia, major depressive disorder, schizoaffective disorder, or other psychotic state. Depen dent variables used to measure the effect of age were DSMA € "III-1 Raxis diagnosis Global Health Questionnaire (GHQ; Goldberg, 1978); CAGE; GAS: length of stay of the inn ( "newcomers" ( 1 year)) and expressed wish to settle. The data were also analyzed Age, using the median age (45 years) as cut-off for the same variables and dependent variables. The information was compiled into a database, which was used for the calculation of summary statistics. Confidence intervals were calculated using the British Medical Association Confidence Interval program analysis (ICA). Means are presented with 95% CI. Results Socio-dà © mographieinformation The average age of residents surveyed was 46 years (95% CI: 41.9 to 46.7), ranging from 19-82 years. None of the sample were in a stable love relationship. Twenty-seven (68%) were single and 13 (33%) divorced, separated or widowed. Fourteen (35%) reported a significant separation the home during childhood, and these five (12%) was taken into institutional care.

Meaning time in any partnership was broken was 10 years (range: 4 months to 40 years). Thirteen (33%) had children. Of these, about half remained in contact. Long-term unemployment rates were extremely high. Only one woman was currently employed, and there was an average length of 9.7 (CI: 6.76-12.6) years since the last employee. Five (13%) had never been employed. physical and mental health general health Thirty-eight (95%) of women re worn at least one current, specific health complaint. Eleven (28%) attributed their worst Complaint health psychological origin, 18 (45%) to a physical. Twenty-seven (68%)their health as fair (15), or poor (12). Mental health Fourteen (35%) of the sample diagnostic criteria for DSM-III-R met for SMI. Ten (25%) had a disorder of substance misuse. Of these, no cases of drug addiction were identified; a residency requirement fulfilled DSM-III-R benzodiazepine abuse. Six (15%)been diagnosed with alcohol (alcohol DEPEN dence, 2; alcohol abuse, 4), but nine (23%) reaches the case with the cage. three had SMI coexisting and misuse of diagnostic substances. No organic brain disorder was identified. Ten repondents (25%) is the case of the GHQ. GAS scores ranged from 21 to 85.

Average 59 (CI: 51.5 to 66.5). Eighteen (45%) have a past contact with mental health services. Ten (25%) had received hospital care of one or more episodes. Meaning number of episodes over the past 10 years was 2.93 (0 to 20), and their average duration was 3.71 months (range 0-14). Six (15%) reported regular psychotropic prescriptions. These are some form major tranquilizers (6), antidepressants (3), and minor tranquilizers (1).

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