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Places to visit while you are staying at any Katra accommodation

Katra is one of the most preferred weekend getaway destinations for the people of Delhi and other North Indian regions. Whether it is a relaxing trip with family or friends, Katra can be an ideal destination, especially during the summers when the Delhi climate is hot and sweltering.

Katra is particularly a favourite destination for couples who can find a variety of luxurious Katra accommodation options that can give them a luxurious and quality time together. The best time to visit Katra is between February and October when it is cool and absolutely refreshing.Tourist attractions in KatraKatra can be an ideal quick holiday destination with a lot to offer. The best part is the fact that Katra is known as the base point for the spiritual trip to Vaishno Devi shrine and hence there are a lot of tourists visiting this town. This is the reason you will innumerable cheap hotels here along with other essential facilities such as restaurants and shopping destinations. A Katra vacation is hence a complete package and with the best Katra accommodation, your holiday can become truly memorable.An ideal trip to KAtra can be for 2 days when tourists can enjoy the serene locales and also visit the top attractions here. While Vaishno Devi is definitely the top place to visit when you are vacationing in Katra, here are other places that you should not miss out on – 1. Bhairon Temple:The temple is popular as it is situated at the highest point on an adjacent hill at an altitude of 6619 ft. This temple, just like Vaishno Devi, has a steep climb. Tourists can choose to climb up by foot or using ponies and palanquins. Many pilgrims believe that a journey to Vaishno Devi is incomplete without visiting this temple.2. Sanjichhat:Located at a distance of about 3 kms from Adhkunwari, Sanjichhat is a beautiful spot offering breathtaking views of the valley and snow covered mountains of the Himalayas. Tourists can enjoy several treks uphill here. The place has hospitals, souvenir shops and a lot of eateries that offer distinguished food to the pilgrims. The place is also known for the presence of a helipad.3. Himkoti:Himkoti is another beautiful tourist attraction in Katra. The spot offers a very beautiful view of the entire valley. Though this place does not hold too much importance from the religious perspective, there is hardly a visitor who would miss this location. The natural beauty and splendour of this spot will leave you completely mesmerized. Himkoti also has an artificial pond, a garden and a meditation centre.4. Baba Dhansar temple:Located about 15 kms away from Katra on the road towards the Salal Dam is the Baba Dhansar temple. The most interesting aspect of this temple is naturally formed Shivling here which has droplets of water falling from a waterfall at a constant pace all through the year.

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