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5 things that should be on your shopping checklist during the Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai opens its arms to several millions of tourists each year. One of the reasons why tourism contributes a major portion to the development of the economy. The Dubai Shopping Festival has played a major role in transforming the international status of Dubai from an oil-driven economy to a tourism-driven economy. The DSF dates have been finalized as 26th Dec - 28th Jan this year. We have listed the top 5 things which should be on top of your shopping checklist during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

  1. Apparel

You would be spoilt for choices considering the options available at your disposal during this shopping extravaganza. Designer brands available at heavy discounts of up to 60% is something you can think of only in your dreams. Now, this shopping festival gives you an opportunity to add the special brand in your wardrobe. The apparel and fashion sector benefit from the massive number of tourists who visit the shopping festival. Add to that the growing stature of Dubai as an international fashion center is also one of the prime factors driving this craze.

The Dubai city stands at the second position in the world offering amazing options and variety in global brands after London. With retails looking to introduce new concepts and activities to engage their customers each year. Retailers are anticipating at least 10% surge in their sales year on year during this festival. The retail sector on an average estimates 25-30% of its annual sales during the Dubai Shopping Festival. This is a testimony to the importance of this festival to the apparel and fashion sector of Dubai.

  1. Gold and Jewelry

Enchanting designs, intricate variety, purity, and heavy discounts and offers are just some of the reasons for the increasing percentage of gold sales during the DSF. The shopping festival in Dubai offers the biggest promotion of gold and jewelry which has been laid out from the imports garnered from over 30 countries. Gold and jewelry continue to be the hot favorite each year and one of the main attractions of the Dubai Shopping Festival each year. The average gold sales have risen by 25-30% at all the participating outlets in the last 5 years during this shopping extravaganza.

Gold is a great asset and taking into account its durability and sustainability to all weather conditions makes it one of the perfect gifts to be gifted to your friends and family. In addition, customers get a rare opportunity to enter the lucky draw to win up to 100kg of gold and 40 karats of diamonds, which includes an opportunity to purchase a link in a world breaking longest chain.  Leading gold outlets have increased their stock level by 30-40% to meet the increasing demand each year, which includes different designs to match different needs and taste from various parts of the world.

  1. Electronic and Gadgets

Dubai is a tax-free land and this reason is sufficient to attract gadget freaks to this country during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Electronic and Gadget retailers see this festival as an opportunity to increase their annual sales by minimum 10-20% year on year. People here are passionate about their electronics and gadgets and this shopping extravaganza offers them value added bundles and deals coupled with unmatched discounts. Among the hot piping favorites in this category continues to be the latest smartphones, laptops, cameras, and tablets.

Plug-in, one of the leading electronic and gadget retailer stated that the Dubai Shopping Festival contributes close to 15% to our annual sales with 50% of the revenue coming from tourists itself. In addition to the cheap prices and heavy discounts, consumers also get a chance to win a gift vouchers or gadgets as complimentary gifts during their purchase of a minimum amount. The raffle draw is another popular feature of the festival which guarantees instant hits in the electronic sales here.

  1. Perfumes and Cosmetics

The duty-free stature of Dubai is one of the main driving factors why people love to purchase perfumes, fragrances, and other cosmetics. One of the leading factors for this miraculous change is the Dubai Shopping Festival and the duty-free sales at the Dubai International Airport. When your favorite cosmetic brand is available at such discounted rate, one needs to have a very solid reason for avoid such a great offer. These exotic fragrances and cosmetics are of unmatched quality and from the world’s leading brands.  In addition, women in the UAE spend a considerable 38% more than their French/European counterparts on the biggest beauty brands in the world.

The annual imports of beauty products in the UAE has risen from Dh 1.4 Billion (US$ 381.1 Million) in the year 2003 to Dh 4.1 Billion in 2019. In the same period, the exports hopped from Dh100 million to Dh400 million. The overall cosmetic retail sector in Dubai has risen from Dh3 Billion in the year 2005 to Dh 5.5 billion last year. These products have exhibited stable sales and are not impacted by the economic cycle.

  1. Leather Bags and Jackets

Dubai offers an incredible quality of leather. The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the rare opportunities one gets to stock up on some innovative and classy leather goods. The Leather industry has seen a rise of 10% sales year on year and most of them come during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Retailers expect this shopping festival to be a major booster to their annual sales even this year. This shopping festival is a unique platform for local, regional, and international leather brands to showcase their innovative products and collections. With unbeatable prices and promotions, tourists and locals are lured in stocking up their favorite leather brand in their portfolio.

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